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Energy for

an Active


Between school, homework, hobbies, sports, birthday parties, visiting grandparents and family time kids are just go go go!!!

Kids need energy and focus to keep them going from one activity to the next. Start the day with GOGO ROOS and your child will be fueled for fun, school, sports and adventure.


Made with Natural Ingredients and No Added Sugars

GOGO ROOS are a delicious crispy blend of Rice, Chickpea and Sweet Potato for natural sweetness with a real Cocoa coating for a taste that kids love.

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Humble Acre is on a mission to give children a great start. Our cereal is made with ingredients you will understand and a taste your kids will love.

GOGO ROOS are made with no added sugars. We use a blend of rice, chickpeas and sweet potato which is naturally high in Vitamin A.

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High in Vitamin A Supporting Kids Immune Systems

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